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One day I was running (more like struggling) and I thought to myself, "You are slow compared to fast runners, but still pretty fast compared to most other runners. I guess, I'm just The Average Joe Runner." 

Although, full name is really Dave.

Like most people, the hardest part about running is simply finding time to do it. Look, I don't run 100 miles a week like an ultra runner. Heck, I'm lucky to get in 50 miles a month. And I'm certainly not an elite runner. 

I'm a regular working stiff, like most people out there. I'm just a middle-aged dude with a super great family, a love for running and a hope to help other people enjoy the sport too.

I'm constantly searching the internet for tips, gear, races, reviews and routes. There are a million great sources out there, but you constantly have to sift through it all. So I thought, why not post what I find for others to use too. Hence, a blog was born. 

Please email me with comments, ideas and requests for the blog.

I'll share my own thoughts, reviews and tips, as well as third-party articles and reviews. And watch for great guest articles too!

Contact Me:

Me and my beautiful wife with our bestest running pals!


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