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Submission Requirements

All article submission must include the following below. Please note that while I would love to post all submissions, not all will be posted. Submissions will be kept on file. Authors of submissions will be notified via email prior to being posted. Some minor editorial license may be taken to article submissions.

All article submissions must provide the following:

  1. First and last name

  2. Very brief 1 - 3 paragraph bio about yourself

  3. Link or handle to one personal or business, social media or website

  4. Article Category (i.e. races, running gears, tips, health & nutrition, injury & recovery, safety, other)

  5. Article Title

  6. "In my opinion" section with 300 - 1,000 words

  7. "Pros & Cons" section for reviews only or other applicable articles

  8. "What others have to say" section. Essentially, links to other sources, on the subject, preferable with different opinions other than your own.

  9. "Sources" section, if applicable

  10. Email submissions to


Have a great review about race or running gear that you want to share? Have thoughts about running that you have just been dying to share?

Look no further and share your thoughts and reviews right hear on The Average Joe Runner blog! Check out the requirements below.

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