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Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival 5K

Guest Author: Corrine Johnson

I ran the Tulip Festival 5k on April 27, 2019 at the Thanksgiving Point Ashton Gardens, located in Lehi, Utah. This 5k a great race for a family to enjoy together, a first time 5ker or anyone who just wants some good spring exercise.

It is also an awesome 5k for anyone who wants to enjoy some of the most beautiful spring scenery you can find.

The first mile is flat and fast on the road with plenty of room. Right after the first mile you descend into the Ashton Gardens. Gratefully, the first mile allows the crowds to spread before weaving through the narrow and curvy paver trail through the garden.

The course does a good job in displaying the various landscapes and flowers of the garden. It was quiet and serene, as I only came across a few other runners after mile 1. I averaged a 7:05 pace, which put me in the top 15 throughout the race.

I honestly did not take the time to enjoy the course as much as I would have liked, because I was in my race zone and focused on trying to run fast. However, we received a free ticket to the Tulip Festival as part of the registration. So we took our family later to really soak in the beautiful gardens.

There was more elevation change than I anticipated, with lots of small short hills, which were enough to slow you down, but not enough downhill to give a good boost. This is not necessarily the best course to shoot for a PR. It's really more about the scenery.

Around 2.7 you ascend out of the gardens on to the main road to finish. Finish line snacks (chocolate milk, Gatorade, cookies and popcorn) were great and the announcer said the names of those finishing.

My time was slower than I anticipated, but overall it was a good experience and I ended up taking third overall for women!




  • Beautiful Scenery

  • Well organized

  • Awesome Medal

  • Free Photos & Video from the race

  • Free ticket to Tulip Festival

  • Great packet pick-up the day


  • Sharp turns and hills on miles 2 and 3

  • Sells out quickly so register early

  • Lots of people showed up late to the race and wanted to pick up their packets, creating a late start



Corrine Johnson has run for 20 years in everything from 5K's to Marathons. She is a Boston Marathon finisher. She loves everything outdoors. Mother of four and wife to The Average Joe Runner. Follow her on Instagram @outdoorfamfun!



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