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Altra Lone Peak 4 Demo & Review

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

I joined up with Altra Running, Salt Lake Running Co and some local runners to test out the new Altra Lone Peak 4. Overall, I was really impressed with the shoe and it felt great.

Altra Lone Peak 4, Men's Neon Yellow & Grey

When I met up with the group, Altra had a variety of sizes. Usually, people recommend buying a half-size up with Altra, but this time I found the opposite to be the case. My true hobbit-foot size is an 8.5, but a size 9 usually give me a bit of extra room that I need for downhill. Altra can sometimes fluctuate a half-size either direction, depending on the shoe. The Altra rep said you should have a thumb's-width space between your big toe and the end of the shoe. They had a 9, but it was unusually long in the toes (like 2 thumb's-widths). Unfortunately, they did not have an 8.5 for me to try on. So I had to choose between a men's 8, blue and red, or a women's 9.5, black and neon yellow. Both shoes fit well and about the same (just shy of a thumb's-width), but I had to go with the women's shoe just because they looked so much cooler! However, keep in mind that Altra tailors women's sizes for a narrower heal and other features that are female specific.

Altra Lone Peak 4, Women's Black & Neon Yellow

As is always the case with Altra, the toe-box is designed for the shape of your foot and was plenty room for my hobbit feet. Similiarly, the ZeroDrop sole is intended to give you the benefits of a more natural bare-foot run, but with the perks of cushioning and protection.

Altra Lone Peak 4, Wide Toe-Box & Foot Shape

For those that like more flex in their shoe, the Lone Peak 4 provides a stone guard that is flexible, yet still provides you with that added protection. I could not really feel the stone guard, which is a positive for those who prefer more flex. However, I like to fly down the mountain, bounding and sprinting and I like the surety that I'm not going to crush the arch of my foot on a rock when I land. I could feel the center of my foot more than I thought with the stone guard.

Salt Lake Running Co crew testing out the Altra Lone Peak 4

The tread and lugs on the shoes are beefy. The tread pattern is great and has great grip on all four sides. Occasionally, on hard dirt with dust and small pebbles on top they slipped a bit. The tread and lugs are more rubbery and flexible. These types of lugs concerned me at first on another pair of Altra trail shoes that I have, but so far they have not worn down hardly at all after 100 miles, so I would not worry about that.

Altra Lone Peak 4, Tread & Lugs

I LOVED the laces and the center lace loops! The center lace loops keep your laces in place after you tighten the front of the shoes, whereas other shoes the laces in the front sometimes loosen up as you go to tighten the tops. These laces in general stay right in place. I rarely love laces, but these were awesome! Speaking of loops, these bad boys have gater grip loops/traps on all four sides, which is really cool.

A few times I tripped because my hamstrings were super tight from a race the weekend before and I wasn't lifting my knees as much as I should have up hill. One of these times I twisted and scraped the side of my foot and really felt it through the shoe. The shoes held up great and protected from scrapes and cuts obviously, but I was surprised that my foot hurt so much through the shoe itself.

Altra Lone Peak 4, demo aftermath!

Overall, these shoes are great and were a lot of fun to run in. I do not think that you could go wrong with a pair of Altra Lone Peak 4. But don't just take my word for it based on my review alone. See what other's have to say about these shoes as well below!

Had to get a pic of the Altra van, the crowd, and this awesome dude with a stache!



  • Beefy tread and lugs

  • Awesome foot lock with the mid loops and laces

  • Good overall traction

  • Gater grip loops/traps on all sides


  • Size runs 1/2 to full size too big (depending on your preference).

  • Some traction slippage on hard surfaces with dusty or small pebbles


  • Flexible stone guard

  • Side-foot protection



Spanish review too...because, why not?



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Jim Gastelum
Jim Gastelum
Jun 25, 2019

Nice review, AJR. A very enjoyable read. Run Safe!


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