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Calling All Average Joe (& Jane) Runners!

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Welcome to The Average Joe Runner! As my inaugural post, let me tell you all about why I am doing this blog and website.

One day I was running (more like struggling) and I thought to myself, "Self, you are slow compared to the fast peeps, but still pretty fast compared to most other peeps. I guess…I'm just The Average Joe Runner."

Like most people, the hardest part about running is simply finding time to do it. Look, I don't run 100 miles a week like an ultra runner. Heck, I'm lucky to get in 50 miles a month with two or three runs a week. And I'm certainly not an elite runner.

Running in Buhl, Idaho.

I'm a regular working stiff, like most people out there. I'm just a middle-aged dude with a super great family, a love for running, and a hope to help other people enjoy the sport too. Whether someone is a beginner or a veteran, my hope is to provide a central hub of running resources for all runners. The intent is to pull from my experience, your experience, information from other great websites, and tips from experts already out there!

I'm constantly searching the internet for tips, gear, races, reviews and routes. There are a million great resources and opinions out there, but you constantly have to sift through it all. Often times you even get completely different opinions about which shoes are the best, how you should train or how many licks it truly takes to get to the center of a lollipop (236, by the way).

My family, friends and coworkers often ask me about what GPS watch is the best for running, shoes they should get, and training plans they should use to run their first 5K. Usually in these cases, I search the internet for hours reading reviews, gathering links with different opinions, and comparing those to my own experience. Then I send it all to my friend in a neat package so they can decide for themselves what training plan, shoes, watch or lollipop works best for them.

After doing this so many times, I thought to myself, “Why not post these things for others to use too?” Hence, a blog was born.

Testing out the Altra Torin NYC's baby!

But as I was inferring a second ago, I don’t like to just give my opinions on things—I want to hear from you too. I can’t run in every race or test every shoe (unless someone wants to sponsor me…I’d go for that.) So, my hope is that this blog becomes a community blog with thoughts, tips, recipes (please recipes) and reviews from the millions of other runners around the world grinding it out every day.

So look for more awesome posts to come and join me in creating something great so that everyone can hear from all of those other Average Joe (and Jane) Runner’s out there!

My hope is for to become somewhat like the running version of or the, which draw from a lot of websites and pull it into one location. I not only want to share what I have to say, but I also I want share what other runners and experts out there have to say too.

As I post about new subjects each week, you will see new tabs show up on the website for reviews and tips about races, gear, recipes, my personal adventures and much much more.

If you are looking for a review or tips on something, fill out the form on the request page or shoot me an email at Not only will I research it out for you and do a post about it, I will also put it out there to see if anyone else has some great insight that I can include in my post.

If you want to submit an article on a running subject that you have just been dying to talk about or you have an amazing recipe that you want to share (my tummy will appreciate this one very much), see the instructions on my “Submit” page and then shoot me over your article at

And don’t forget to find me on Strava and join The Average Joe Runner club!



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